Amara Hollowbones

Amara Bronwyn


Tattoo Artist

Amara is a queer, self-taught tattoo artist witch of Scottish-Irish-British descent from the occupied territories of the Attawandaron, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples in the Great Lakes. Tattooing for the past 15 years, Amara brings the earthy, raw, dark and rich mixed with sparse fine linework of their drawing style to the skin. Amara works with themes of earth-based magic through botanical imagery, birds, animals, moons, stars, mountains and landscapes, as well as imagery that emerges from the client to create tattoos in collaboration to bring meaningful and personal imagery to life; together crafting these skin spells. 

Tattoos are our magic; they can be spells, prayers, commitments and memorials, rites of passage, acts of healing or gifts of beauty for our bodies. reminders held in our skin. tattoos can be our protection or an ode to our softness. the reclaiming of our bodies and the rewriting of the lines in our story.

With herbal medicine and botanical knowledge, land-based living and training in Somatic Experiencing (a resiliency-based trauma healing modality), Amara holds a trauma-informed safer space for meaningful and empowering imagery to emerge and come into being on your skin. So you can get as deep into the creation, magic and meaning of your tattoo as you want to take it. Amara holds a space counter to the typical misogynist-dude-dominated vibe of tattoo culture with the intention for folks to feel empowered and supported in being as cared for, embodied and connected as possible throughout the whole process.

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