Kerry Burke

Shop Owner & Artist

Kerry apprenticed under Award Winning, Denver Tattoo Artist, Missy Rhysing in 2010. Upon completion of her apprenticeship she quickly began developing a style influenced by traditional Tibetan imagery, neo-tribal and heavy black-work artists. Today, Kerry focuses on botanical illustration and vintage etching styled design and is inspired artistically by her clients. She enjoys the intimacy of the tattoo experience between client and tattooer and is a full time artist and owner of Heart of Gold Body Arts.

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 "10 Amazing Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram"  -Marieclaire and Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Tattoo artist Kerry Burke is the owner of Heart of Gold Body Arts, one of the most beloved shops in North Carolina. Based in Hendersonville, Burke brings incredible blackwork tattoos to life with their unique designs and clean and beautiful lines. We are *huge* fans." -

"Kerry is a fantastic artist, a wonderful woman, and a great friend. Her tattoos are beautiful and so is she!"
— Missy Rhysing

"Heart of gold is right. Two of the best right here. Love you guys and congratulations!!!"
— Droc Mirage

"I'm totally in love with the piece she is doing on my leg. Can't wait to get more work from Kerry!"
— Justine Briggs

"As soon as we walked in was greeted with smiles and good energy. Kerry Burke gave us immediate attention and just seemed really stoked to give my friend what she wanted and to make her first time rewarding and pleasant. Kerry even wanted to wait to do it the next day because she wanted the design to be perfect and my friend to be certain.
It came out AMAZING!!!
— Terrance Brand

"Kerry is an excellent tattoo artist; she is a good listener and spends time consulting with her clients to insure exceptional customer service and satisfaction. If you want a great tattoo Kerry is the artist that will do it right!"
— Phyllis Bagdonas


Nick Friederich


Nick Friederich has been a professional tattoo artist for over 10 years. He has tattooed in multiple states on the east coast and has been tattooing in North Carolina since 2012. He is well rounded in many areas of tattooing, though he takes special interest in color and black and grey realism, bio mechanical and organic styles, cosmic and geometric work. Nick is very personable and enthusiastic about his craft, and would love to discuss your next project with you.

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Ayden Love

Ayden Love

Monthly Guest Tattoo Artist

I love working with clients to create magical talismans that hold and protect them as they move through this world. I love simple linework, botanical details, anything that mimics printmaking, and rendering queer bodies as heavenly deities. I have a deep reverence for the creative process and trust that emerges while collaborating with clients on pieces that help them feel more embodied.

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Savannah Leigh Tattoos

Savannah Leigh

Tattoo Artist

As a child I spent most of my time watching my mother making art and pursuing a career in her art. She has always been my inspiration to keep creating. For me, tattooing feels like the process of helping people become more comfortable in their bodies. I enjoy tattooing meaningful or sentimental things on peoples bodies but I also love that we can decorate our bodies how we see fit because it makes us feel good about the vessel we carry with us through this lifetime. I enjoy tattooing things from nature, especially animals, insects, fruit and flowers and combinations of these things.

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Tattoo Artist

Amara is a queer, self-taught tattoo artist witch of Scottish-Irish-British descent from the occupied territories of the Attawandaron, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples in the Great Lakes. Tattooing for the past 15 years, Amara brings the earthy, raw, dark and rich mixed with sparse fine linework of their drawing style to the skin. Amara works with themes of earth-based magic through botanical imagery, birds, animals, moons, stars, mountains and landscapes, as well as imagery that emerges from the client to create tattoos in collaboration to bring meaningful and personal imagery to life; together crafting these skin spells. 

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